Chandigarh SEO Industry on Continuous Decline Why?

Chandigarh SEO business is continuously declining since May 2012, the day Google announced its penguin update. Since we are local and in touch with roots of Chandigarh search engine optimization/optimisation industry from last 10 years and understand it better than others.

Chandigarh SEO industry is mainly working on submission methods and techniques which are not now encouraged by Google. Most of the firm or agencies are small having 10 to 15 employee and they can just do the SEO submission which is now over.

Further Major SEO company has already shifted their base to education or web development.

Another reason for decline of SEO business is lack of skilled workers. As per latest SEO methods more importance is of unique content and good English. I think content writing skill are not much available in Chandigarh.

I admit that there is decline in work but Still the big SEO company which have changed their method of working are ahead.

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